Visión Málaga 2021

"Today, after Madrid and Barcelona, Málaga is the main focus for real-estate investment in our country"

José Félix Pérez-Peña | Director of Málaga-Andalusia

It gives me great pleasure to be able to share with you, from such a unique location, the fourth edition of VISION Málaga.

In this document, we will take a journey through all the segments of the real-estate sector, studying the impact the health crisis has had and continues to have on it, while placing special emphasis on the resilience of said segments and how our business is today the driving force behind the economic recovery of our region.

Málaga is making the most of a historic opportunity to reinvent itself and become a unique city in which to live, enjoy and work. We have no doubt that today, after Madrid and Barcelona, our city is the main focus for real-estate investment in the country.

At Visión, we will discuss through our experts how each segment contributes significant value to the economy and the development of our city and we will reflect on how we see the future of the sector in 2022.

Quality of life and economic and cultural expansion provide Málaga with the main factors for exponential growth over the next few years.

José Félix Pérez-Peña

The health crisis that emerged as a result of COVID-19 served as a period of reflection for the city with regard to renewing its medium-term strategy.

In recent years, the metropolis has been metamorphosing towards modernisation, while safeguarding its main values that make it different and special compared to any other city in the world.

Tourism, culture, gastronomy, business and leisure have been its main trump card, together with its lifestyle, which has made it the third location for investment for all the agents in the real-estate sector, behind only Madrid and Barcelona.

Málaga is now looking towards the future with robust foundations based on years of good work to prepare it for a much more globalised and international future full of endless opportunities. Hotels, residential property, retail, logistics and offices, without forgetting the alternatives. The city provides opportunities for all markets.

Both investors and the public authority have significant interest in the main real-estate segments. They are all looking for their gap in the capital city of the Costa del Sol.

Its Roman, Arabic and Renaissance ruins and its historic centre, as well as being one of the main artistic hubs in Spain, make it a cradle of tradition. Furthermore, it also has a sustainable and technological city model and is home to important national and multinational companies.

Quality of life and economic and cultural expansion provide Málaga with the main factors for exponential growth in all areas.

This analysis includes not only the current situation of the real-estate market, but also its potential in one of the main national locations for users, operators and investors.