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With the rise in national and international travel, a quick repositioning of the city on the road to growth and economic development is expected, which will reactivate trade and activity in the main business areas.

Juan Pedro Hernández | Director. Retail High Street

Málaga on the road to recovery

A lot of off-market activity in the prime area has been registered, evidence of which is the entrance of Rituals and Druni in 2020. With the state-wide vaccination rollout, we are expecting a summer season in which a large part of the footfall lost will be recovered, leading to a significant recovery of trade.

In terms of investment, food has been the most active line due to its resilience, as well as buildings that can be adapted according to the most dynamic activity at any given time in the market. High street assets continue to attract the highest interest.

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  • Marqués de Larios has showed resilience throughout the pandemic, holding on to operator interest and experiencing only a minor fall in rental income, under 10% compared to the 30% fall in average rental income of other commercial areas.

  • As regards investment, the second half of the year is forecast to be very active insofar as transactions, once operators consolidate their sales and locations.

  • By activity sectors, hospitality has been favoured, riding out the situation and occupying locations traditionally held by fashion.

Marqués de Larios has become one of the most resilient Spanish High streets during the pandemic