Visión 2021

What impact has the pandemic had on the city?

Where are the opportunities?

What new projects are underway?

Is there potential?

Are we going in the right direction?

Key projects for the city in the short, medium and long-term that set the course of the real-estate sector in one of the main national locations that seeks a key position on the international map.

New projects

Palacio de la Tinta

Project progress: 10%

Cortijo Merino

Project progress: 25%

Sánchez Blanca

Project progress: 35%


Project progress: 15%

Santa Rufina

Project progress: 55%


Project progress: 45%

Pacífico 24

Project progress: 20%

2017 vs 2021 projects


Project progress: 45%

Torre del Río

Project progress: 60%

Colinas del Limonar

Project progress: 80%


Project progress: 45%

La Equitativa

Project progress: 90%

La Térmica

Project progress: 10%

Hotel Puerto de Málaga

Project progress: 10%

Projects on standby


Name: Muelle 4

Classification: Urban land

Surface area: 6.720 m2

Main land-use plan: Office and commercial

Aim: To develop a new office zone within the New Prime setting of the city, with sea views and commercial premises to provide services to the zone and to the new work-space environment.


Name: Former Correos headquarters in Málaga

Classification: Urban land

Surface area: 3.352 m2

Main land-use plan: General System of Territorial Interest

Aim: Modification of the land-use plan to change it to hotel and commercial use


Name: Guadalmedina river redevelopment project

Aim: To transform part of the Guadalmedina river into a green and outdoor leisure area. Restore the river to revive its beauty for the city


Name: Astoria project

Classification: Urban land

Surface area: 1.500 m2

Main land-use plan: General System of Territorial Interest

Aim: To convert it into a cultural and leisure hub with a 1,500-person auditorium, roofed green areas and gastronomic zones